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“I love to see a life transformed through the application of God’s Word, to see peace replace anxiety, to see harmony replace strife, to see freedom replace bondage, and to see spiritual maturity replace frustration.”
-John Ransdell

JRMJohn Ransdell Ministries

In 1985, working as a bank president, God gave John Ransdell a vision of Christians living financially free. Inspired by this powerful picture, John began to teach groups and individuals biblical financial principles, and watched their lives transform into the picture God had shown him.

John RansdellFounder

John brings to the table the perfect blend of 40 years of business experience alongside 25 years of ministry. Through those years, he has become closely associated with a team of professionals who are experts in both financial and family matters. Their passion is to help you steward God’s blessings while living your life in Jesus Christ to the fullest.

Mission StatementTransform Lives…

Transform lives by providing biblical financial counsel, coaching, educational workshops, and seminars.

PurposeHow it Works

JRM helps people succeed financially. Successful financial management and planning are achieved by simply applying the principles found in Scripture to life’s daily decisions. We will assist you in reaching your goals and achieving your dreams, whether they are establishing an effective management system, investing for the future, retirement planning, or recovering from debt.