John Ransdell

In July of 2010, with the encouragement of his family, friends, and area pastors John, formed JRM. With a team of professionals in business and ministry (or both) that is available to him and his clients, he will counsel and coach individuals, engaged or married couples, families, ministries, churches, Christian schools, seminaries any person or any group of people who want to grow spiritually in financial stewardship.

John Man

Vice President, Corporate Lending
Barnett Bank
Fort Lauderdale,

Senior Vice President, Corporate Lending
Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Broward Bank and Subsidiaries
Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Covenant Federal Credit Union
Tulsa, Oklahoma

Lighthouse Mortgage Company
Tulsa, Oklahoma

Banking Consultant
Church & Ministry Guest Speaker
JRM Coach

John Ransdell Ministries

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How can you help John Ransdell Ministries continue changing lives

Business Consulting

Business Consulting

John Ransdell provides businesses, churches, and nonprofits with consultation services throughout Tulsa. These opportunities provide funding for the ministry to continue to help people in need.

Church Sponsorship

Church Sponsorship

JRM provides financial counselling for over 30 churches in the Tulsa area; and often assists with the benevolence department’s evaluations. In return, many of the churches make a monthly contribution to JRM.

Individual Contribution

Individual Contribution

Many people who have witnessed or even benefited from the deliverance that comes from the sound Biblical counsel provided by JRM, have chosen to make one time, annual, or even monthly contributions.